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Team Atmosphere at TechBridge Group

The team at TechBridge works very hard, and takes pride in their work.  We love what we do and strive to build great relationships with our clients.  Managed IT can be a very challenging industry, so we make sure to leave time for fun and keep our work atmosphere light.  Annual special outings such as trips to the Saratoga Race Track are always great  times, and nothing is better than the sound of laughter and our team having fun in the office.
Walter Guiles, CEO

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells." Dr. Suess
Walter Guiles


Daniel Wilson


"When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart." William Gibson
"Adversity introduces a man to himself." Albert Einstein
Vance Catapang

Systems & Disaster Recovery Engineer

Kait Wilson

Technical Writer & IT Auditor

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it, don't wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt in a men's store, a cat nap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee." Agent Cooper
"The only thing holding you back is your own drive."
Ray Guiles


"Whatever you do, always give 100% - unless you're donating blood." Bill Murray
Paige McDevitt


Paul Loiacono

Senior Systems Engineer

"Have you tried performing an unexpected power event?"
"We are amidst strange beings, in a strange land." Solaire of Astora
Nick Fiorino

Systems Engineer

Brandon Parron

Systems Engineer

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional." Hunter S. Thompson

History of TechBridge Group

Celebrating 30 Years, 1993 – 2023 

TechBridge Group was started in May 1993 by CEO Walter Guiles with the plan to create a managed IT services company in Albany that stood out from the rest.  It was the time of DOS, and there was an absolute need to have IT technicians based on the complexity of the systems.  There were no graphical user interfaces and customer service seemed to be lacking.  The technology expertise was out there, but Walter felt the industry could do better.  He started TechBridge from home and worked there for many years, building his customer base and relationships, until the business grew to require office space and additional employees.

In May 2023 TechBridge celebrated 30 years of business.  Over this time Walter has been blessed to meet many wonderful clients, and been lucky to provide services to what he considers the greatest client portfolio in the Capital District and beyond.  He has hired many wonderful employees, watched them grow, and has been part of milestone events in their lives.  Starting and running a business is not without its challenges but, based on the fantastic relationships it has come with, he would not hesitate to do it again.  He looks forward to many more years of working with his fantastic clients and TechBridge team family.